Pokemon Omega!

Pokémon Omega is a free online Pokémon game, where you can explore the world, hunt for wild Pokémon, raise a team and much more. It's being developed by Quil, Wuggles, (Grovyle) and Mrn since June 2009. It's still under construction, so while you're playing the game, every now and often there will be new locations, new Pokémon and new features for you to make it even more fun. We let you know when there is an update in Pokémon Omega, so be amazed!

This is why you should play Pokémon Omega!
[UPDATE] Beta 4.2!
Everybody gather around for yet another update!
This is the one you’ve been waiting for, the trade system is totally revamped!

Beta 4.2

So, without further ado we present you Trade 2.0!
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22 January 2014, HankyPanky
[EVENT]Merry Christmas!
Ho ho ho ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!
Hang your stockings at the chimney and enjoy the great food!
It is Christmas time!
Even though we just updated the game, we just could not ignore the last Event of the year!


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24 December 2013, Mrn
[UPDATE] Beta 4.1!
Howdy ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!
The time has come! After a lot of effort and hard work, we present to you:

Beta 4.1

Walking around with sand in your shoes!

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21 December 2013, Mrn