Do you want to help Omega?
We are happy with that and we thank you for it. It's very nice to see how Omega has become in this short amount of time.
We are really proud of what we have achieved so far and it's still growing!

Omega is made by a couple of students and some very helpful friends, and perhaps you can help too!
Here are some suggestions:
  • First of all, Omega has been made to be played! So if you just play Omega you already help us plenty!
    We love seeing that our work is appreciated and you show that by playing Omega! Also, if you want you can leave some feedback at the Forums.
  • We have had a lot of offers from people who wanted to join the staff.
    We are also very grateful with that, of course, but the problem is that we want to select the staff ourselves.
    When we are in need of new staff members, like Game Operators, we ask the players who we think are the best fit for the job.
    Of course, you can always introduce yourself to us, but we believe that that isn't needed. If you really fit the job of Game Operator, for example, you show it.
    Game OPs for example need to be active, help lots of people and play by the rules.
  • As we are just students we also need some financial help. You can donate money to us via Paypal to help us with development and paying for the servers.
    If you are interested, please Log In and visit the User Panel.
Thanks again! We really appreciate your help!
Omega Crew