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Small Changes
31 March 2014 Fixed the bug in Trade Watcher; it now correctly notifies for shiny Pokemon again
10 March 2014 The clan chat message notification will not show incorrectly anymore when being in chat
10 March 2014 The 'you should not spam the trades' pokepoll tip is removed now it is not neede anymore because of the cap
20 February 2014 Battle Mansion rankings now allow shared first, second and third positions upon giving prizes
29 January 2014 Creating a trade from box works properly now on mobile devices
20 January 2014 Popup message bug fixed where it gave you the 'are you sure to close' message even when you clicked right
27 December 2013 All generated passwords are now always of full strength
2 December 2013 The serverclock code got optimized and there were some bugs fixed.
2 December 2013 New fixes in battle, mentioned here
2 December 2013 The player-info page now always redirects to the right id insteads of being empty in the URL.
28 October 2013 "Catching Pokémon" quests are fixed.
27 October 2013 Bug fixed; empty attacks on newly caught Pokémon are set to None.
9 October 2013 EXP formula fix; CPU-controlled playerbattles will now give half EXP as it should
9 October 2013 The abilities now are correct after evolving Pokémon, all previous falsely given abilities have been corrected
22 September 2013 Changing Email address settings now requires you to validate the new address